With an entrance charge of 600 yen for adlut or 300 yen for child(till 12 years old), you can enter the Auditorium and Museu, where more than 20 statues are installed. You can listen Etoki sermon in Japanese upon request or English on reservation.

There are conssesion (500yen for adult or 250 yen for child) for the group of more than 20 people. 50% consession is available for a handycapped person and one assistant each. A chair-car is accesible in these two buldings.

There are more than ten buildings including the main gate, main hall, tower, fire ceremony temple for egomaf, invocation temple for the prayer to Amida Buddha, Auditorium and Museum. You can see all these buldings from outside for free. The temple complex is open 24 hours everyday.

For 10 minutes    Stroll in the temple complex

For 20 minutes    Enter the Museum and Auditorium (admission charged)

For 40 minutes  Enter the Museum and Auditorium and listen Etoki sermon

The inside of the main hall is exhibited regularly for free. From March 20 to April 8 and October 1 to November 30, you can enter the main hall from 10 to 15. In autum, there are some ehibitons of different theme every year.

There are an exclusive car parking near the Auditorium. A Barrier-free toilet is available. Chair cars are accessible to see around from outside of buildings. The inside is accesible only in the Museum, Auditorium and Invocation temple.

By rail   Express train from Kyoto, Shin Osaka or Tennoji to Gobo st.

              5 miniutes by taxi (approximately 650 yen)

By car    From north, 5 minutes from Kawabe IC of Gobo Yuasa toll road and Hanwado Highway.

              From south, 7 minutes from Gobo Minami IC of Hanwado Matsubara Susami Line.

              Car parking is availabe in front of the Main gate. 500 yen for a car and 2000yen for a bus.

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